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First radiosonde flight in 1934

From Sails to Satellites: the history of technology used at MetService

Over the last sixty-odd years technology has provided meteorologists with an increasing number of sophisticated sensing devices, giving atmospheric data previously unobtainable. The sheer volume of atmospheric information now gathered each day would be impossible to collect and use, without the accompanying systems of automatic recording, high speed dissemination, and computer processing. It's no wonder that acquiring the data on which it depends for maintaining national weather services is one of MetService's largest expenses.

For the latest on the technology used today at MetService, visit our blog. Or click on the links below to read excerpts from Sails to Satellites detailing the history of MetService's technology:

Atmospheric observations

The synoptic station network

Automatic weather stations

Climatological observations

Rainfall observations

Measurement of upper winds

Radiosonde observations

Meteorological communications

Meteorological satellites

The computer revolution and automation

Numerical weather prediction

Struggle for the Service's computer

Data processing

The future