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Cyclone Gisele and the sinking of the Wahine10/04/1968, Written by: Erick Brenstrum | 0 comments
The storm that grew out of tropical cyclone Gisele caused the strongest wind ever recorded in New Zealand - 181 km/h (98 knots) gusting 269 km/h (145 knots) at Oteranga Bay west of Wellington. Although it wrought havoc to thousands of properties in...
1936 Cyclone02/02/1936, Written by: Erick Brenstrum | 0 comments
In early February 1936, a devastating cyclone, possibly New Zealand’s most destructive storm in the last century, struck the North Island.This storm formed south of the Solomon Islands late January 1936. It met up with a cold front north of New...
Cyclone meets wildfire March 191818/03/1918, Written by: Erick Brenstrum | 0 comments
One of the worst wildfires in New Zealand history was caused by severe gale-force winds around a cyclone.  On March 18, 1918, a farmer near Horopito, north of Ohakune lit a fire to burn timber and scrub he had cut down to clear the land. Although...
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