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1939 Snow27/07/1939, Written by: Erick Brenstrum | 0 comments
In July and August 1939 New Zealand experienced the most extensive snow storm of the twentieth century when snow fell the length and breadth of the country.On 31 July the lighthouse keeper at Cape Maria van Diemen at the top of the North Island...
Lady Barker’s Storm28/07/1867, Written by: Erick Brenstrum | 0 comments
The weather hazards faced by colonial farmers were dramatically demonstrated by Lady Barker’s snowstorm. One of the worst snowstorms to affect New Zealand, it struck Canterbury in 1867. Starting on July 28 it lasted almost a week. Lady Barker’s...
Rugby Weather: Snow and the Lions05/03/1930, Written by: Erick Brenstrum | 0 comments
The first test between the All Blacks and the Lions in 1930 was played at Dunedin’s Carisbrook Park just after a snowstorm. Rain started in the morning then turned to snow during the curtain raiser. It became almost impossible to make out the players...
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