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Forecast for D-Day05/06/1944, Written by: Erick Brenstrum | 0 comments
In Europe, the weather forecast for the invasion of France in 1944 played a crucial role in the success of the landings. Originally planned for the morning of June 5, the invasion was put on hold for 24 hours when bad weather was forecast. A window of...
MetService and World War II01/01/1942, Written by: Erick Brenstrum | 0 comments
World War II transformed the Meteorological Service from a handful of staff to 335 by war’s end. The increase of personnel began before hostilities broke out, as the government started training military pilots in anticipation of war. Meteorologists...
A Hazardous Passage24/11/2014, Written by: Erick Brenstrum | 0 comments
“Had a ver ruf day the sea running mountains high, the ship reeling to and frow like a drunkin man, chists upsetting, watter cans pots & pans tumbeling in all directions.”So wrote an immigrant named Mathieson travelling to Dunedin...
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