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Forecast for D-Day05/06/1944, Written by: Erick Brenstrum | 0 comments
In Europe, the weather forecast for the invasion of France in 1944 played a crucial role in the success of the landings. Originally planned for the morning of June 5, the invasion was put on hold for 24 hours when bad weather was forecast. A window of...
The Weather at Passchendaele07/10/2013, Written by: Erick Brenstrum | 0 comments
We remember our war dead on Anzac Day, 25 April, the anniversary of the landings at Gallipoli in World War I. But our heaviest losses in that war occurred on the Western Front.Our worst day was 12 October 1917...
FiztRoy: inventor of the weather forecast05/03/1864, Written by: Erick Brenstrum | 0 comments
Robert FitzRoy is famous as captain of the Beagle on the voyage when Darwin made his discoveries, although many New Zealanders also know FitzRoy as Governor of New Zealand before George Grey. But to meteorologists, FitzRoy is famous as one of the...
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